Spiritual Malady vs Spiritually Fit

These are the main prayers that I have in my life today, being over 4 years sober. Many people whether alcoholic, drug addict, or addiction of any kind, can learn from them (in my opinion) In simple form of course, showing you the difference between how I thought during my spiritual malady and being spiritually fit today.

  • Instead of complaining, be grateful for the blessings you have.
  • When you are angry, pray for acceptance for the things you cannot change.
  • Instead of projecting anger to those you love, pray for the willingness to deal with your feelings in a positive way.
  • If you feel lost, sad and confused, pray for direction.
  • Instead of taking that drink, pray for the obsession to be removed. Play the tape and remind yourself what would happen if you took it.
  • When you are having a hard time forgiving those who hurt you, pray for their well being. Even if you don’t mean it right away. Trust me, it works.
  • If you want to run away, pray for the strength to deal with whatever road block you’re facing.
  • When you know you lack direction in life, pray for the right path.
  • And my favorite, Instead of blaming everything & everyone else, pray for the ability to focus on yourself only, as its the only thing in life that you can control.