Think before you Judge

Don’t assume their happiness is fake because you are in reality faking your own

If I’m judged (which I totally am) or unfriended on social media (happens a lot) for doing Younique, or sharing my happiness then i will pray for those people. As much as it bugs me, i must remember that I also was the type of person who was annoyed by happy, confident people. They pissed me off. It wasn’t until I got healthy mentally & spiritually that I realized that it’s way easier and better to lift other women up then to judge them.
Let’s be clear. My life isn’t perfect. I just don’t air my dirty laundry on social media. I share my family, my sobriety in hopes to help others, my animals and my business that helps so many women feel good about themselves inside and out. It provides for my family. I’m Christmas shopping this week because I made money working online.
So I guess God is showing me what I had once done to others. Judged them by their happiness, by their selfies and by their jobs. When in fact the real problem is within themselves just like it was inside me.

I used to make fun of women who worked the streets and now I have great friends who used to be those women. I have compassion for them today. I see them as women, individuals and not for what they used to be.

I used to judge alcoholics who drank everyday and smelled of booze. Who scrambled change to buy a can of beer. And I became an alcoholic myself. I became who I once judged.

I used to judge those who rushed into relationships and then I did it myself.

I could never understand how mothers or fathers could let themselves get to a point where they lose their children. Then it almost happened to me. It woke me up real quick! Now I understand. Addiction takes over. It doesn’t make us bad parents it made us sick parents.

I’m grateful God shows me these lessons because without them i would not learn.

Don’t judge others. Don’t assume you know their life. Don’t assume their happiness is fake because you are in reality faking your own. I speak these words because I’m speaking from experience. I’m no longer that person I have explained here today. When I come across people who hurt my feelings, I ponder over it way too long. Eventually I pray about it & slowly let it go.

We cannot expect the world to treat us how we want to be treated. Expectations are resentments waiting to happen. All we can do is control how we react.

React with kindness not judgement. You never know when you will go through the same thing.

Don’t paint someone as weird or someone who you would never be friends with. God may cross your paths at some point and they may become your best friend or someone who comes into your life for a reason.

Don’t complain when it’s too hot and complain when it’s too cold. Don’t stress over not having money and then stress about paying bills when you do have money to pay them. Don’t complain about the cashier who wasn’t friendly. She may be working 3 jobs to feed her kids and she is exhausted. Don’t judge a parent who’s child is screaming, you have no idea if that child has disabilities that are not visible.

My rant is based on the fact that this world is taught to judge.

Why should we judge anyone when we aren’t perfect.

Perfection does not exist so why do we seek it.

God can judge me. And I’m completely comfortable with that today.

Sober 1600 days December 10th 2018


Bibles & Brushes

Lets be real right now. Theres been a lot going on about my dad passing away and experiencing the loss of him not being around all over again.

Im in direct sales. I am not naive to the fact that I am judged. BIG TIME.  I’ve had people stop talking to me, unfriending me, I even had someone message me to say that I use people and take advantage of them.

When I got sober, I decided I needed to rebuild my confidence. I needed something for me, and to remind myself that when I put my mind to something I can achieve ANYTHING! I used to be a go getter. In high school, I excelled. In college, I had straight A’s. Every job I have ever applied for, they hired me. Somewhere amoung the dark road I went on, I completely lost that part of me. I missed it so much. In March 2015 i decided to join Younique. I knew it would help me make friends again and get myself out there in the world. I feel better about myself and I’m also helping women create better lives for themselves and helping them feel beautiful!

The time I spend on my skincare and makeup is like the only time in the day that I get to forget about any daily stress for 20 minutes. Whether its the kids acting up, a death in the family, a fight with my spouse, or simply a bad emotional day, its my time to unwind and “sneak away”. I don’t drink anymore,  I’ve never smoked, I don’t gamble. I pray, write my blog, go to a meeting and do makeup. That’s my therapy.

So judge what I do for a living if you wish. I don’t care anymore. It’s more than makeup. It’s not about being popular or using people. I’m not fake or vain. I’ve lost friends and I know it’s because of what I do. Sometimes people can’t believe someone is this authentic and genuine because it would terrify them of being this way themselves. I used to be someone like that. I was so unhappy that I didn’t understand how others were happy! They were fake to me.

I’m real with what i share and I’m told by many women that they love that. So I won’t stop! Whether it’s through my writing on my blog or my makeup and skincare business. This is where I work on my confidence. It’s within !!!!! This is my stage. Just like in high school I was in drama class for 5 yrs straight. On stage I got to be creative. It was the only time i felt good about myself.

My videos, lives, blog…..they’re my stage. There’s no bottles anymore. Only bibles and brushes.

You CAN do what you want. The question is….do believe you’re worth happiness?