Day 1 vs Day 1826

My life; Day 1 July 24 2014

I was hung over
I felt empty like I had no soul
No emotion, just numb
Scared, full of fear
I felt like the worst mother in the world
I felt like the worst daughter in the world
I felt like the worst sister in the world
I was scared I was going to lose my job (I did 3 months later!)
I didnt know who I was anymore
I didnt believe I would ever be happy
I didnt want to drink, but I was scared to live sober.

My life; Day 1826, 5 yrs sober, July 24 2019

I’m sober from ALL mind altering substances
I am fulfilled and blessed with a big gratitude list
I live in faith, not fear
I am now a mother of 3, and I am a great mother!
I’m a great daughter and very close to my parents
My sister and I are best friends!
I love who I am today! I actually like me!
I found happiness within myself, it existed all along, but I was looking for it in the wrong places. I even found love and a husband! A business that I’m successful at! A LIFE!
I still don’t want to drink, but I’m happily living life sober.

Honesty will heal, denial will drink.
Happiness does exist.

Published by

Mandys Memoir

I am a recovering alcoholic. I am learning to be as honest with myself as possible & in return i anticipate a satisfied, content & peaceful soul. I am bringing my life into words that meet your eyes, in hopes that i not only help myself, but so I can help you.

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