Sober Heartbreak

It seems to me My heart is meant to shatter I love hard, i love blind And then i no longer matter It seems as though My heart is always broken I love honest, i love true But their lies go unspoken As my tears turn to prayers I ask for serenity For a wound … More Sober Heartbreak

Mom Guilt

Mom Guilt. I am experiencing this mom guilt thing to the extreme. As moms, we must discipline (or at least i hope you do!). We are responsible for the worlds next generation! A little back story – I was raised with strict rules, and manners were highly enforced. My grandfather was the king of proper grammar … More Mom Guilt

Gone Dry

I am a week away from my 2 year cake. I should be filled with pride and excitement. Instead, I am filled with extreme irritability, discontent and restlessness. What the fuck? Well, lets break this down. I have gone a year without a sponsor. My last sponsor took me through the steps and that was … More Gone Dry

Love, The Alcoholic Me

Originally posted on Mandy's Memoir:
I’ve been an alcoholic for years. I’ve lied, and I’ve shut my family out because of this disease. I was not the real me for a long time and they suffered because of it.Yet somehow they hung on because they love me. – Wait, someone loves me that much and hasnt…